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3 Reasons to Buy the WT1500NT Heavy Duty Wheel Dolly

WT1500NT with Clean Tire

Simply put, it handles the largest wheels in the world, and in a very safe manner. It includes a strap to further secure and reinforce the wheel being serviced and a handle for easy wheel rotation. Injuries due to transporting and working on large OTR tires will be greatly prevented moving forward with the WT1500NT in your service bay.

WT1500NT In Use

Secondly, every shop will take notice of the increased efficiency of the 1.5-ton capacity wheel dolly. A task that may have originally taken half an hour, will now be completed in a matter of minutes. Utilizing the dolly will also lead to optimized tire handling and transport.

WT1500NT In Scene

Another clear reason and possibly the most important reason to invest in the wheel drolly is saved labor. The task of handling these tires may normally involve several technicians, typically risking injury and/or damage to the tire. That is not necessary with the heavy-duty wheel dolly. It only requires one worker to be properly and safely used.

WT1500NT Clean in Scene

Interested in a risk-free trial of the WT1500NT Wheel Dolly in your service bay? Contact a sales rep today for more information at 352-799-1111.

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