Model # 94062
  • Gripping diameter: 34 - 95 inches (850 - 2,400 mm)
  • Lifting capacity: 4,410 lbs (2,000 kg)
  • Safe 3-point grip
  • Ensures a careful and safe handling of expensive tires
  • Can provide substantial time savings across a whole range of handling operations
  • Makes it possible for one man to mount and dismount wheels and tires
  • Provide safe working operations for the operator
  • Integrated camera system for optimal view - with automatic IR function in insufficient light conditions
  • Tilt function 90°, horizontal to vertical
  • Precise rotation +/-25°
  • Unique ring handling tools that grip, hold, press, or place the tire, rim and rings as needed - a major improvement of safety and efficiency!
  • Telescopic pipes for long reach, to provide room for the tire fitters and for dual tire handling
  • Flat top arm for limited tire clearance
  • LED working light
  • To be mounted on forklifts or loaders
  • Quick Shift facility to change to and from forks within a minute
  • The gripping diameter can be expanded on request
  • Solution possible for workshops with limited space
  • Attachment: ISO/FEM/ITA Class 3 or 4 / Loader specific
  • Customization on request
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